Teaching Materials

This page includes all teaching materials created by me as part of my work as a university Professor. These materials are made available under the Creative Commons Zero license. You are free to utilize these materials in your own courses as long as you attribute their creation back to me.

Note: There may be slight errors in these materials.

CIS 151 - Invitation to Computing
These materials were created for CIS 151 Invitation to Computing taught at Cleveland State University. The course itself focuses primarily on introducing computing/computer science and targets Freshmen students that may not be certain on their major. Much of the materials created for this course are therefore simple by design. They are not suitable for a more advanced course. Additionally, they serve as an excellent starting point to anyone that wants to get into the programming side of computing whose primary form of education is self-study. These materials are taught through the Java programming language but should be easily transferable to other languages as well.

The list of topics covered by these materials are:

  1. Introductory Computing Topics/Binary Number System

  2. Problem Solving and Introductory Java

  3. Data Types and Variables

  4. Conditional Logic

  5. Loops and Arrays

  6. Functions

  7. Objects and Classes

Materials for this course can be found here. The reference book for this course can be found here.